About Us

Fasj Technologies Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Due to customized solid software development capabilities, rich mechanical design expertise, and continuous innovative testing skills, Fasj Technologies provides customers with comprehensive testing solutions.

Based on multithreaded real-time system design, we can provide a flexible and customizable testing system, enabling customers to benefit from efficient control algorithms continuously.

In addition to software development capabilities, we also have a robust mechanical design team. We specialize in the design of testing units such as hot gas generators, combustion chambers, and regulating devices while also providing customized unit design and manufacturing.

Furthermore, thanks to our ability to provide rich testing solutions, we renovate and upgrade old benches. Under the confidentiality agreement, we can work closely with customers to inject new testing capabilities into old test benches.

We deeply understand the testing and application technology for tested components such as turbochargers, compressors, pumps, and fuel cells in laboratory and production (EOL) environments


System upgrade, testing application refactoring. Expansion and repair of old bench functions

Proposal Planning

Provide turnkey solutions, repetitive research, and global comparison services

Mechanical Design

Modular design concept, providing customized development and manufacturing for customers

Software Design

Multi thread control technology, designed based on platforms such as Python and PAtools